credits. acknowledgements.


Web server.

Apache 1.3.31, running on a Pentium II, 300 MHz with 192 MB RAM. Operating System is FreeBSD 4.10

Database server.

PostgreSQL 7.1.2, running on a Pentium III, 600 MHz with 768 MB RAM. Operating System is FreeBSD-4.10. Our seqDB database was set up initially by Anders Brinne (Uppsala University) and it's still growing in features (and in size!).

CGI scripts.

The original scripts written in Perl by Claes Ladenvall (Uppsala University) are being moved slowly to php. But many scripts still are purely Perl, and we'll start playing with mod_perl soon.
We have also used a CGI perl script from the WU-BLAST pages as a template for deploying our own BLAST server, and Nicolas Joly html4blast to produce nicer HTML for BLAST reports.

About the design.

We have taken great care to produce web pages that are both good-looking and standard compliant. Furthermore, we barely use images, so download speed is also optimized. However, since we are using cascading style sheets (CSS), you need a modern web browser to see the site as we see it. This roughly means version 4 of any of the mainstream browsers (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera). However, since we care about standards, pages look great also in older browsers and in text-only browsers like lynx.
Please note that we have avoided setting any absolute font size in our stylesheets. This means that pages will use whatever font size you specified in your browser settings as 'medium' and then scale to 'smaller' or 'larger' sizes relative to your setting.


Thanks to Claes Ladenvall and Anders Brinne (Uppsala University) for their help with the CGI scripts and the initial DB setup, and also to Björn Andersson for providing us with a new computer so that Claes and Anders could work comfortably.

Thanks to Mariano Maluf and Juan Pablo (UNSAM) for their help to set up our domain names, for technical support and invaluable expertise